Introducing the VOiCES Dataset

Voices Obscured in Complex Environmental Settings

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SRI International and Lab41, In-Q-Tel, are proud to release the Voices Obscured in Complex Environmental Settings (VOICES) corpus, a collaborative effort that brings speech data in acoustically challenging reverberant environments to the researcher. Clean speech was recorded in rooms of different sizes, each having distinct room acoustic profiles, with background noise played concurrently. These recordings provides audio data that better represent real-use scenarios. The intended purpose of this corpus is to promote acoustic research including, but not limited to:

The corpus contains the source audio, the retransmitted audio, orthographic transcriptions, and speaker labels. The ultimate goal of this corpus is to advance acoustic research by providing access to complex acoustic data. The corpus will be released as open source, Creative Commons BY 4.0, free for commercial, academic, and government use.

Dataset Details

This is one of the largest corpora to date that has transcriptions and simulatenously recorded real-world noise. The details:

More specific details can be seen at in our readme and paper in the reading section